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Thank you for taking the time to become a seller and member of All Cruise Auction.
All of the requested information needs to be filled out completely for verification of travel agency.
By returning to All Cruise Auction you agree to all of the terms as a seller at All Cruise Auction.
You need to be a registered Bidder prior to filling out the seller application.

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Fax this completed form and your CLIA certificate to 954-491-1203


All Cruise Auction ID ___________________ Password _____________________

Email Address _______________________________________________

Company Name ______________________________________________

Your Name _________________________________________________

Street Address _______________________________________________

City _______________________________________________________

State __________ Zip Code ______________________

Primary Phone ( _____ ) __________________________

Fax Phone ( _____ ) ____________________________

CLIA # _______________________________

MasterCard --- Visa --- Discover --- Amex

Credit Card # _____________________________________________

Exp Date ____________________

Name on Credit Card _____________________________________

Billing Address of card _____________________________________

    Seller agreement:

  1. No items other then cruises or cruise tours from approved C.L.I.A. cruise lines will be submitted for auction.
  2. All auction items will be listed as per person including port charges and govít fees.
  3. No additional cost to the winning bidder other then shipping fees will be collected if so stated.
  4. All auction items listed will have a payment schedule listed with the item.
    Example: Full payment with winning bid or 50 % with winning bid and balance 100 days prior to sailing.
  5. This is also authorization to charge the above credit card for the monthly auction listing and selling fees.
    Only charges associated with listing and selling at All Cruise Auction are approved
  6. As noted below:

    Listing Fee $ 1.00 per item

    Reserve Auction Fee $ 5.00 per item

    Reverse Auction Fee 2 % of winning bid

    Item Bold $ 0.50

    Feature Item $ 3.00

    Category Feature $ 1.00

    Arrow Icon $ 0.25

    Image Fee No Charge

    Selling Fees Regular Auction 1 % of first $500.00, 1 % from $500.01 to $1,000.00, 1 % any amount over $1,000.
    Selling fees are based on the total ending per person price of the auction.

    Explain: If the winning high bid on your cruise is $ 500.00 the selling fee would be $ 5.00 which is 1% based on the per person price. You would collect $ 1000.00 the TOTAL cruise cost from the winning high bidder. So in reality the net selling fee is only 1/2 % of the total cruise cost.

  7. If auction listing and selling fees reach $ 250.00 prior to the end of the month then All Cruise Auction is authorized to bring my account it $ 0.
  8. If your account can not be brought to $ 0 when necessary your selling privileges will be terminated at once. All open auctions will also be terminated
  9. Any additional terms are found in the seller rules and are considered part of this agreement.
  10. This agreement can be amended by All Cruise Auction at any time with the new terms emailed, faxed, mailed to the sellers or posted on the site and deemed acceptable with the placement of new items up for auction after the effective date of the new agreement.
  11. Upon approval All Cruise Auction will email your access code to place cruises for auction.
  12. Your credit card might be processed by a third party approved by All Cruise Auction.

If you wish to sign up for the email cruise lead generator please check which payment schedule you would like. The cost is $ 10.00 per month. You can receive 12 months for the price of 11 if paid in full. To cancel the month to month program you will need to send a cancel notice before the 20 of the month prior to the month that you wish to cancel

      $ 10.00 Monthly 1 Year cost of $ 110.00

Below signature is that of the credit card holder

Printed Name: ____________________________________

Signed: ________________________________________

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