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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has been compiled to help you find an answer to any questions you may have about how All Cruise Auction operates.
If you do not find an answer, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:
Also see the specific Rules for All Cruise Auction.

What is the All Cruise Auction?

The All Cruise Auction is an Internet Auction website. We provide a service to sellers by allowing them to list cruises for auction. For our buyers, we provide the opportunity to find cruise at more reasonable prices than traditional locations, both in and out of cyberspace.

What does it cost to bid?

You do not have to pay anything to simply browse this site or to place bids. All operational costs for the All Cruise Auction are collected through a small listing fee and a commission if a listed cruise auction sells.

Why should I become a registered user?

Bids are only accepted from registered users. The reason for this is to assure "to some degree " the sincerity of those participating at the site. Registration also simplifies greatly the bidding processes, plus it allows you to enjoy current and future benefits.

Registration FREE

Registration information is NOT:

Supplied to any third parties.  All Cruise Auction mails out a bimonthly newsletter which you can opt out of if you wish.

Registration information may be, if deemed necessary, used for:

Real-world contact information should a dispute arise between two parties that cannot be resolved through other measures. Real-world contact by employees of the All Cruise Auction should the need arise involving delinquencies in accounts, etc.

What if I lose my ID or Password?

Forgot your Cruiser ID or Password? Enter your registered e-mail address used to register here. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address containing your Cruiser ID and Password.

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What types of auction formats are supported?

The All Cruise Auction supports Single Item, Reserve Price and Dutch Auction, auction formats. For more detailed information, please see below.

Single Item Auctions

Single item auctions are the simplest to operate. Under this format, a seller submits a single item to the auction. The auction will begin on a specified date and time, and at a specified price and bid increment. Once the auction closes and a winning bid has been submitted, both buyer and seller will be notified via e-mail.

Reserve Price Auctions

Auctions may be run with reserve prices. The reserve price is the lowest the seller is willing to accept for the item. The reserve price is not disclosed to bidders. A seller might specify a lower minimum opening bid price on a reserve price auction to entice bidding activity and interest in the item. When a bidders maximum price meets or exceeds the reserve price, the item's current bid is raised to the reserve price, and an indication is added to show the reserve price has been met.

Reserve price auctions are not available on Dutch Auctions!

Dutch Auctions

Dutch Auctions are an auction where the seller has multiple, identical items he or she wishes to sell. The seller specifies the minimum starting bid and the number of items available. A bidder may bid on one or more of the items. The highest bidders are notified of the winning amount for each Dutch Auction. The winning bid amount is the amount of the Lowest Successful bid. Bids are placed in the order of highest price, followed by the time the bid is placed. In the event a winning bidder placed a bid on more items than are available for his winning amount, the bidder is expected to complete the transaction for the quantity that is available.

Am I liable for any bids I make?

Yes, you are obligated for all auction bids. Your credit card that was placed on file during registration will be charged accordingly. If there is any problem with your credit card several points are worth mentioning:

A bid is considered a binding contract in most states, and sellers could take appropriate legal action if necessary. Enough information is collected from each bid you make that you could be physically located. Continued abuse of the system will result in forfeiture of the right to use this site.

Are international bidders welcome?

Only residents of the U. S. and Canada at this time. Please note that all prices are quoted in USD. (U.S dollars)

How do I know if I won an auction?

Winning bidders are notified via their registered e-mail address. If you believe you are one of the successful bidders but do not receive notification, or simply wish to view the results of a closed auction, you may view it from the buyers services page by entering its lot number in the form provided.

How do I claim my travel?

1) Winning bidder is notified by e-mail at close of each auction term.

2) The e-mail notification will contain all contact information with which to contact the seller.

3) Payments are only made with a credit card. The seller is possibly able to make alternate arrangements.

Travel promoted in All Cruise Auction includes cruise only. Air and ground transportation, transfers, beverages, incidentals, activities, tours, taxes, of any kind, service charges, energy charges, gratuities, and all other out of pocket expenses are not included unless stipulated in the bid profile.

Thank You!

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